Friday, August 15, 2014

The Tools in Ferguson

Plutocracy Today

I support my local police because on the whole they do not think problems need force to solve. I suppose I might just live in a non-problematic city but I think it has more to do with good city management. As I got older, and I am pretty damned old now, I have a safe feeling when I see the police. 

But I am white... and I'm an old guy...  I don't fit the stereotype some police forces use to determine threats. No one is prejudiced against me. The events in Ferguson seem like a tipping point at the moment, but so did the events surrounding Trayvon. 

In this blog, I have tried to stay away from the concept of a police state propping up the plutocracy because I do have a quiet sedentary happy life, and I fear the consequences of voicing my opinions so openly. However, I also care a good deal about unarmed people being gunned down by anyone, and most certainly the police. When the Occupy protests were at their peak, it was obvious that this propping up of the power structure was the case. Chemical warfare is their main weapon, and when they use it in non-lethally threatening  situations, tear gas and pepper spray simply violate our human rights.  

I just hope you young folks fight on with non-violence stacked up against their violence. You will do everyone a favor and eventually... we shall overcome. I have faith that this is true.