Tuesday, July 8, 2014

GOP... the party of the wealthy?

Is the GOP the party of the wealthy? Many Americans think so.   July 7  Washington Post

What does it mean when someone says they're a Republican? About one out of five Americans interpret that to mean they support the wealthy and business interests and are not for the people, according to newly released polling data,
Twenty-one percent of Americans, to be precise, say so in the AP-GfK survey. Only "c0nservative" or "right wing," cited by 22 percent of respondents, registered more often.
Twenty-four percent say that when someone says they're a Democrat, it means the person is "liberal, left-wing, or progressive," far and away the most common description.
Americans' opinions of the two political parties is low, but the vast majority continue to align themselves with a side.
Fifty-one percent of Americans say they hold an unfavorable view of the Democratic Party, while 62 percent say the same about the Republican Party. Still, 77 percent either identify or lean toward the Democratic (43 percent) or Republican (34 percent) parties.
The poll was conducted from May 16-19.